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COVID-19 Tips for the Elderly


Things have changed within the last few months because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been deemed unsafe for us to gather and mingle in large groups the way we have all our lives, whether it’s at the grocery store, the pharmacy or at church. With all the studies pouring in about COVID-19, the CDC says that 8 out of 10 deaths that have been reported in the U.S. have been patients aged 65 and older.

This shows just how important it is to keep your elderly loved one safe and out of COVID-19 tracks; so we have a few tips here that can limit your loved ones contact with people who may or may not have COVID-19 and how they can still be cared for the way they deserve to be.

COVID-19 Tips for the Elderly

1. Instruct your loved one on proper handwashing techniques. The CDC recommends washing your hands with warm water and soap for 20 seconds or more to effectively rid your hands of any bacteria.

2. If your loved one takes medication regularly, it is important that you, as their family member, are aware of what they are taking, how often they should be taking it and if they are running low on that medication. If your loved one is running low on a medication there are a few ways to get the medication to them.

· Medication delivery services through pharmacies such as, Walgreens, CVS or PillPack. Setup for these services are extremely easy.

· Picking up their prescription for them using the pharmacy drive-thru while wearing necessary PPE (personal protection equipment) when picking it up.

When delivering the medication to your loved one, notify them beforehand that you are coming and that you’ll be dropping it off to them. For better protection, it is best to leave the medication at the front door.

3. If your loved one is running low on groceries and are needing more, there are grocery delivery services that can be delivered to their home. Some stores that have this delivery services are Walmart, Kroger, Aldi, Instacart, Shipt, Amazon and Thrive Market to name a few.

4. If your loved one must go outside for any reason, the CDC recommends that they wear a mask, bandana or any form of cloth covering their mouth to prevent the receiving or the spread of COVID-19. Upon reentering the house advise them to NOT touch anything, including their face and wash their hands immediately.

5. If you must visit your loved one for any reason, the CDC recommends that you wear a mask, bandana or any form of cloth covering your mouth to prevent the receiving or the spread of COVID-19. In addition, if you have access to gloves you may wear them also as a precaution. When wearing gloves be sure to wash your hands before donning them and watch what you are touching when having them on. You can transfer bacteria from surface to surface with gloves that have not been exchanged between performing different tasks. Once gloves are removed you must wash your hands.

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